Friday, February 16, 2007

NAHT and McDonald’s

I’ve received the following comment from the National Association of Head Teacher’s (NAHT) Commercial Development Manager (no less) John Randall,

“On behalf of NAHT, I would like to make clear that McDonald's are not sponsoring the Association's 2007 annual conference. This followed a decision made at our 2005 conference.”

John, this is what you should have said and done,

“I’m sorry about this we’ve made a mistake, messed-up. We might be headteachers but we’re not infallible. We can only apologise for getting involved with an organisation like McDonald’s. I’ve watched ‘Super Size Me’ and I can tell all you children out there that eating lots of greasy burgers and chips is not good for your health. McDonald’s can have their money back and the people who signed this deal are going to work on an organic farm as punishment.”

If you would like to tell the NAHT what you think about their 'decision' the e-mail is -

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