Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Utter Futility of Human Existence

There are moments of bleak despair, times when you question the sheer utter futility of human existence and there are staff meetings. This week it was on ‘Subject Leadership’, when you are in a small primary school by the law of averages you will end up ‘Co-ordinating’ one or two subjects. The presentation was on the new thinking emanating from the DfES, it’s not just a change of name but a whole scale re-vamp, repositioning, revolution, we’re now going to be called ‘Subject Leaders’ and in this brave new world will be using ‘vision’ to drive our subjects forward.

Naturally ‘for OfSTED’ we would have to develop a comprehensive file. This was the list of possible contents for the subject leader’s file. We were assured it wasn’t an exhaustive list we could add to it if we wanted to….

Contents of Subject Leaders File

1. Job Description
2. Vision Statement for your School/Subject
3. Subject Policy
4. Subject Development Plan/ Action Plan
5. Annual Maintenance Schedule
6. Subject Scheme of Work
7. Examples of Planning (medium or short term)
8. Assessments
9. Marking Policy
10. Tests
11. Some examples of assessed work
12. Examples/Reports of monitoring activities
13. Monitoring Schedule
14. Schedule for Staff meetings where Subject is on agenda
15. Relevant Minutes of above meetings
16. Schedules for SMT Subject Management Meetings
17. Reports to the Governors
18. Minutes of above meetings
19. Subject Evaluations and reviews including last OfSTED
20. Copies of monitoring feedback to teachers
21. Budget Information
22. List of resources and Purchases
23. CPD Log for Courses
24. Activity Log For Subject Leader

25. Pictures of La La and Twinky Winky

O.K. I made the last bit up just to see if you were still awake.

Bizarre as it may seem under the circumstances but I actually decided to become a teacher because I wanted to teach children, not fill in forms to place in a file. ‘I’m A Subject Leader Get Me Out Of Here!’


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