Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Learning Brain Europe

I’ve had an e-mail asking me to mention the Learning Brain Europe Conference -

‘Run by teachers passionate about raising achievement, the event brings key mind-friendly learning experts together for a conference unique in Europe.’

The programme is based on research into Multiple Intelligence by the American academic Dr. Spencer Kagan. I’ll have to come clean I’m not a great fan of ‘Multiple Intelligence’, John White from the Institute of Education has written some excellent critical material. I went to a lecture by Alistair Smith on ‘Accelerated Learning’ – great knock-about stuff, should have been a stand-up comedian but sorry, education? It was snake-oil salesman time.

You’ll also have to pardon my scepticism about America – reconstitution, charter schools, unequal funding, unqualified teachers, ‘No Child Left Behind’, high stakes testing – not a great track record. If anyone does get the chance to attend I’d be interested to hear from you.

On the positive side there are teachers speaking at the seminars and there don’t appear to be any dodgy sponsors i.e., McDonald’s or Microsoft.

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