Monday, March 19, 2007

Proclaimers International

One of my exclusives was on the proposed academy in Norwich to be opened by Graham Dacre who was linked with Proclaimers International. I've received this e-mail from Tom Rawls and in the interests of open discussion here it is. My apologies for getting it wrong. However, I'd still like to know Mr Dacre's views on creationism, abortion and homosexuality, just send me an e-mail and I'll oblige.

Dear Mr Read,

My name is Tom Rawls and I am the senior minister of Proclaimers Church and I have been the pastor of Proclaimers now for over 3 and a half years. I arrived in July 2003.

Just to correct a few mistakes in your blog. Mr Dacre is no longer a member of Proclaimers our church and has not been a regularly attending member for well over 4 years to my knowledge. Just to keep you correctly reporting he is not a financial backer of our church either.

Since Proclaimers Church stopped meeting at Drayton Hall in December 2004 Mr Dacre has been leading and pastoring his own new church at Drayton Hall called “Drayton Hall Church”. Mr Dacre is the owner of the Drayton Hall facilities and no longer wanted us to use them for our churches ministry so we moved to the Ramada Jarvis Hotel to conduct all our Sunday services.

It was recently reported in the Norwich news papers and the Christian press that he, along with his three brothers-in-law formed a new church now named “Norwich Family Life Center”

The church formerly known as Mt Zion Family Life Center has been occupying Mr Dacre’s building at Drayton Hall since the tragic event of the burning down of the church in the Heartsease Estate a year ago.

The four of them are reportedly the new pastors of this newly formed church.

Hope you don’t mind me writing to bring some corrections.


Tom Rawls


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