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Who is Graham Dacre?

Graham Dacre is the wealthy Norwich second hand car dealer turned preacher, who wants to turn Heartsease School into an academy. In 2005 he sold his Lind Automotive Group for over £100 million. Dacre was formerly a member of the Pentecostalist group Proclaimers International. In December 2004 he threw them out of his country mansion and formed his own group Drayton Hall Church. After their church was destroyed by fire in February 2006 Dacre gave a home to the independent Mount Zion Family Life Centre, things went so well that by March 2007 the two groups joined to form the Norwich Family Life Church.

In 2006 Dacre put in an application with the Norwich Diocese of the Church of England to convert Heartsease School into an academy. Papers obtained by the Eastern Daily Press under the Freedom of Information Act were quite revealing about the financial burden of the respective bidders – Dacre was putting in £1.95 million and the Norwich Diocese a paltry £50,000, aside from the obvious ‘tail wagging the dog’, it does raise the issue of, who is leading the bid?

The new £25 million 1,400 pupil school is being billed as a publicity friendly ‘green academy’. But why replace Heartsease School? The school roll currently has 398 pupils, opponents fear that a brand new school with state of the art facilities will have a devastating effect on the three schools adjacent to it. Instead of schools cooperating and working together it will lead to the inevitable decline and closure of other schools in the area.

Academies have also been sold as ‘replacing failing schools’ Heartsease is far from that. In 1996 it did go into special measures but came out in 2000, the most recent Ofsted report in 2007 described it as an ‘improving’ school and it was in the top 100 most improved schools in the country for Key Stage 3 results.

Dacre and the Diocese of Norwich have been ‘unavailable’ on several occasions when asked for comment by the local press, you certainly won’t glean much from their web site. Dacre’s former church the Proclaimers International are linked to the fundamentalist Assemblies of God (creationist, anti-abortionist, homophobic). You can vote for politicians on a local and national level to run education, they have to put forward a manifesto and their views are a matter of public record. Would Graham Dacre let it be known, did God create the world 6,000 years ago? I’d like to know.

Local opposition

Anti Academies Alliance


Thanks for your info on this, the more I discover, the more horrified i am.
Why against him? Someone with money decided to give back to community, and everyone is against him? (just because he's Christian?) Can you do what he does and set up your own atheist school? I guess not.
How interesting that we still find in the British culture the need to damn the successful. At least the man has beliefs of some kind and isn't afraid to voice them. The original writer seems to be pandering to the tastes of the British public and not clearly stating his own views. This is atypical of this kind of snap-shot journalism - throw the public the bare bones, single sided argument, stand back and watch the feathers fly.

So what if Dacre is a Christian, if he were a Moslim, expressing Moslim views his rights to believe would be beyond question. Its time for the writer and indeed the British press to grow up and let the public read well balanced arguments that are factual and well constructed, rather than this kind of sensationalist nonsense. Which is obviously aimed at those brain-washed by tabloid spin.

As far as Graham Dacre is concerned the writer should ask one question of himself - what have I done for the community lately?
Graham Dacre is a HYPOCRITE and I intend to expose him for what he really is.
In response to the last comment I am disconcerted that the writer, who has obviously got a personal grudge against Graham Dacre, should need to post anonymously.

The statement that Dacre is a hypocrite may or may not be true, after all how many of us can say we have not been hypocritical in our lives. The very fact that the writer has produced no factual evidence for his attack makes me feel he is a disgruntled ex-employee or supplier.

However, making silly and to my mind childish comments which amount to 'I'm gonna get him' makes me feel that Dacre has very little to worry about and is highly unlikely to lose sleep over the matter!
This is a poorly written article with no references or facts.

This indeed highlights the failings of the internet where any Tom, Dick or Mr Read from Merseyside can post anything they like.

Often these articles are personal and not subjective, as is this, and can often mislead the reader into thinking that what they are reading is fact.

And as for the "hypocrite" attack - that is purely comically.

Very poor show, must try harder.
Have anyone of you actually met Graham... I have... and an hour in his Company had me! He is a very genuine and lovely man... and trust me I am an absolute cynic and not easily fooled. All of you need to grow up and get a life!
Actually, yes, I have, and his son who is also a very nice man.

They should both be applaued on the work they have done and are currently doing.
new world order!!!!!!!! world order!!!!!, whats the bishop of norwich haveing property dealings in partnership with dacre? with his wifes maiden name on documents, lineing his pockets. why did dacre be able to buy the 1st school and land to build the primary school, then rent it back to norwich city council at a tremendous profit, the school will fall apart within ten years, cheap and shoddy!
man is a scum bag for many reasons, just discovered via the evening news he was apprently ripped off for 20 million in the last year.

in the words of nelson muntz -

Anonymous posters must think themselves really big and clever to leave such comments without being brave enough to put a name to them.

Having read the article myself Dare lost a share if the 20 million pounds, not all if it as claimed.

The view of him being a "scumbag" is interesting as there is no reason given. It sounds to me like someone had a severe case of jealousy, I doubt Anonymous poster would be ad generous as Mr Darce.

Perhaps you have forgotten his involvement in transforming the old Barclays bank in order to provide a safe location for young people to meet and enjoy themselves?

It saddens me to see the decline of society ad so clearly demonstrated here.
im sure mr dacre is a 100% whiter than white, cleaner than clean, holier than christ person who has never dreamt of using his charity & religious involvements for tax relief reasons.

As for the decline of society horse tripe you are spewing it reads like something from the daily mail
No, I wouldn't say that Mr Dacre is perfect, nobody is. But must people always look for something bad in others good deeds?

As Mr Dacre is a business man, it is possible he makes charitable donations to lesson his tax bill - just as businesses do.

As for the daily mail comment - that did make me laugh, I wouldn't touch that paper with a barge pole. You on the other hand Mr Anonymous are coming across as the kind of person who bases "their" views and opinions on whatever dross The Sun is spewing out on any given day.
I see Mr Dacre is bailing out of this sinking ship.
Mr dacre gives to the community, really? With other peoples money he does. I should know, my mother sold everything including her house, gave mr dacre everything and has been a member of his cult ever since. Dangerous.

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