Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What they haven’t said…

Millionaire second-hand car dealer turned preacher, Graham Dacre and the Bishop of Norwich have been defending their plans for an academy to replace Heartsease School. They have reassured the public that it will be open to all faiths and would not be a faith school.

Graham Dacre said,

“We regard it as a privilege to invest time and energy, extending the best possible start to each and every young person - of all faiths and none - raised or living in Heartsease. The potential academy will not be a faith school. Religious education would be taught from the Norfolk Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education, which was adopted for use in all Norfolk schools in September 2005. Our goal is to provide a wide learning platform on which young people are able to make choices. My experience is that, provided with facts, young people are not hesitant in making up their own minds and that includes decisions in respect of religion and faith.”

What he didn’t say…

· Graham Dacre’s Lind Trust will have a majority on the governors of the new school

· Graham Dacre is investing £1.95m and the Diocese of Norwich just £50,000

· The government will give them £20 million to build the new school

· The new academy will have 1,400 pupils against the 400 who currently attend Heartsease School, this will lead to the closure of other schools in the vicinity

Interesting that he wants young people to be “provided with facts” but there is still no word on Graham Dacre’s beliefs on creationism, homosexuality and abortion. As you can see I’ve posted on the Network Norwich web site, still no reply, I wonder why?

Anti Academies Alliance


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