Thursday, June 21, 2007

Camden Strike

NUT members at Parliament Hill School in Camden are just starting a formal ballot. The indicative ballot, which closed last week, showed a 98% vote for strike action.

The first day of strike action is expected to be on July 12th.

The dispute is over the school governors making a decision to stop making recruitment and retention payments to new teachers at the school. For many years in Camden there have been widespread payment of recruitment and retention to all teachers - so this is a major attack.

A 98% vote to take action to secure payments for people not yet in the school is worthy of support. If new teachers don't get these payments, then in a few years existing staff could have the payments taken away from them too.

Please send messages of support to

Brian Cairns
Parliament Hill school
Highgate Road

fax 020 7485 9524



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