Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Flat Earth Society

The ‘consultation’ that will influence whether Heartsease High School in Norwich becomes an Academy is under way. What is startling is the refusal by its sponsors, Pentecostalist preacher Graham Dacre and the Bishop of Norwich to appear at public meetings and answer questions.

Network Norwich is a Christian web site that reports on local news and advertises church activities. To be fair to them they’ve reported both sides of the debate about Heartsease. I’ve posted a few comments and questions for Graham Dacre.

There was one interesting reply from Sheila, fully supporting the Heartsease Academy,

‘This is an amazing project. Go for it Mr Dacre, unlike Mr Read we are 100% behind this project.The Bible clearly defines abortion as murder, homosexuality as a sin, and the world was created aprox 6 thousand years ago. Any true believer understands these basic principles. Chill Mr Read. Climb down off your soap box, use your energies to build instead of tear down, and life will be so much sweeter.’

I’m just wondering will Sheila be the sort of ‘supporter’ that Graham Dacre will co-opt onto the governors of Heartsease Academy?

Another post supports ‘free choice’. As I’ve said before I don’t have any problem with the Flat Earth Society, the Aurelians or the Bush Baptists for that matter propagating their views. I just don’t want them running our schools…


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