Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Bastardstone's – an update

‘How Not To Teach’ is currently available in ten branches of Waterstone’s. The publishers tell me they have tried to get it into more but they have found it ‘difficult’.

It’s sad to see the way Waterstone’s have gone, they used to stock a wide range of books and encouraged diversity. In response to the supermarkets attempting to muscle in on their market, by selling the top 100 books, Waterstone’s have gone down the 3 for 2 route, featuring massive discounts for Jeremy Clarkson, Jeffrey Archer and Jamie Oliver.

The idea is that by using loss leaders they will attract people in to buy other books, faint chance of that. In the new ‘revamped’ stores (Liverpool is one example) the number of books has been slashed. Why go in? There is no point in browsing, cut the trouble go to the Internet.

If you do have a problem buying ‘How Not To Teach’ use News From Nowhere, they are a cooperative based in Bold St Liverpool.

Long live the independent booksellers!


I visited a local primary school today, exciting stuff! Lots of busy little workers, was very good to see. However, the twin number one complaints of the Y5 and Y6 teachers were formal examinations, and simply not having enough time to get everything done. Having spoken to them, I think I understand where you're coming from a bit more. Keep it up anyway, 7 days to go!
was blog surfing and came upon yuors. really enjoyed reading what i have done so far,wish i had more time.
Rock 'n' Roll
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