Thursday, July 19, 2007

Knotty Ash Blue

I started writing in the Everton fanzine ‘When Skies Are Grey’ in 2004. So this is an introduction to my other alter-ego ‘Knotty Ash Blue’. It’s not just a one-club blog, I’ve widened out to write about issues like racism, ticket prices, drugs, LFC and England.

Here’s a selection of my articles-

Frontal Lobotomy – March 2004 - Coming back to football after a few years

My national pride – May 2004 – Why I’m not the greatest England fan…

Ooh the ‘ell are you? – August 2004 – Season’s end and it’s not looking good

Team game – December 2004 – Football Pundits (er… including me) are proved wrong Everton make a fantastic start to the season

Careering – March 2005 – How fans get ripped off with ticket prices

The Red Side a plea for tolerance – April 2005 – The first scarf laid at Anfield in remembrance of Hillsborough was a blue one…

Kick them Out! – May 2005 – Why the club shouldn’t tolerate racism

The pink medicine – October 2005 – Club takeovers

The Fat, Little, Badly Guy – December 2005 – Footballers should retire gracefully

The boring, boring Premiership – February 2006 – Is it any good if Man U and Chelsea have got it all sown up?

The ‘Magic’ of the FA Cup – April 2006 – Not

The Main Enemy is at Home – June 2006 – Will I be cheering Wayne Rooney in the World Cup?

Legends and Cults – August 2006 – Why Duncan Ferguson isn’t a legend but is a cult player

Bad Breath and Shrinking Testicles – October 2006 – The impact of drug taking

You Could Have Been a God… - November 2006 – A retrospective on Wayne Rooney

MOYES MUST GO! – February 2007 – Well… not just yet

You Goin? Tara then – April 2007 – Liverpool City Council aren’t busting a gut to keep Everton in the city

Do You and Rose Have a ‘your song’? – May 2007 – The LFC takeover

Dawn of the Dead – June 2007 – Your guide to diving


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