Sunday, July 22, 2007

Resistance is Futile

Glad to see that Ranjit has 5 pens has started to blog about the rebuild at Prescot Language College - part of the Knowsley BSF programme.

Their sports hall, only ten years old, is being knocked down for the new school building. Apparently the planners failed to spot that the main water pipeline to Liverpool ran underneath their previous site!


Ranjit has gone. He signed off with...

"Sunday, June 28, 2009
Ranjit Will Not Return
This particular corner of the World Wide Web is not advertised anywhere. There are, as far as I know no links to it from any other site. To find it it is necessary to use key words that have absolutely nothing to do with the subject area it purportedly portrays.

It is all but impossible to stumble upon by accident.

The individual(s) responsible for it have never promoted it either verbally or in any other way. In other words in order to find it one has to either search very hard or ask someone how to access it. It is hard to believe that anyone prepared to go to those lengths would do so without some inkling of the content contained within.

These postings contained no references to locations or individuals. They were deliberately abstruse. They contained no threats and did not harass any minority or vulnerable group. If you have taken offence then perhaps you should have considered the prospect before going to so much trouble to locate them.

Please don’t confuse anything you might have interpreted here with disinterest or disaffection with a profession chosen with care after much thought. Don’t assume that what you may have gleaned from these postings indicates a person or persons intent on sabotage or any act designed to undermine the progress of those charged to us.

It is simpler than that.

It is the fact that some find it hard to avoid the impression that what we are witnessing is nothing more than an exercise in career advancement performed by a seasoned crew of smash-and-grabbers whose wheelman is already waiting at the kerbside, engine revving, ready to execute the getaway as soon as the alarm goes off.

An experiment to which, if we are honest, we will not be subjecting our own.

This time next year we will know.

Ranjit is gone.
Posted by ranjit has 5 pens"
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