Wednesday, September 05, 2007

‘We’ll teach when the school is ready’

The builders faithfully promised us that everything would be ready for the start of the new school year…

Luckily we had a training day organised on the first day back, we arrived to be greeted by a car park full of rubble, the kitchen half-finished and the hall full of junk, everything covered in a thick layer of dust.

A few years ago my children’s school had building work over the summer holidays and was in a right mess on the day they were due to start back. The teachers all sat in the Staffroom and the attitude was ‘we’ll teach when the school is ready’.

I’ve no time for that then or now. My golden rule for education is – ‘the children come first’. So we spent ages humping furniture around, washing down surfaces, throwing rubbish in the skip, moving paint tins, hovering down every surface and object imaginable, blocking up mice holes, mopping up leaking water from pipes. OK, it’s ‘not in the contract’, but sometimes you have to get your hands dirty. Miraculously the school was ready for the children to start the next day.


Good for you! Most teachers in the US, and perhaps in the UK as well, are part of a union and some can be very strict about following those rules. The builders not being finished for the start of school is a serious blunder on their part and it should be taken up by the administration, but don't make the students suffer because of it - everybody should pitch to get the school ready.
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