Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ketchup in their veins

And Lo! The National Council for Educational Excellence that contains some private sector top bosses have spoken. What were they advising schools on? The ruthless pursuit of profit, their ‘concern’ for the environment or how to transform a state basket case like Railtrack into a model for safe practise?

No, they are worried about ‘variability’ between schools and how to ensure ‘consistency of performance’. So McDonald’s have offered training for school leaders. Managers with ‘ketchup in their veins’ will run courses on leadership, team building and stress-management.

Now I know they have done a great job turning shopping centres into ‘clone towns’. But somehow the prospect of McSchools, every pupil in the same uniform, studying the same curriculum in identical schools just doesn't appeal.

Maybe they could start by explaining why McDonald’s annual staff turnover is over 60%?


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