Monday, February 23, 2009

OCD Head

I was on a course the other week. What did we do during the break? We swapped horror stories of course. The worst example was the OCD Head.

Detailed planning had to be in every Monday morning, with notes for all the groups on guided reading. The Head was constantly patrolling the corridors and ‘popping in’ to watch/observe and criticise teachers.

When she got a new computer she gave the old one to a teacher. All the old files had been deleted… however, when the teacher looked in the Recycling Bin, there were all the Head’s old files.

Every Friday afternoon the Head organised a tea party in her office for that week’s star pupils. On the computer was a folder – ‘Minutes of the Friday Tea Party’. It contained the following gems –

· Nora Delaney told me that Year 5 hadn’t had home readers all week
· Peter Smith said homework in Year 3 was far too easy
· Jane Jones seemed confused about the Literacy Hour, must follow this up

Yes, the ‘Tea Party’ was an opportunity to get unsuspecting pupils to snitch on their teachers.

All the experienced staff had left the school and there was a constant turnover of Newly Qualified Teachers, after a year they left as well.

Surprising how many OCD Heads there are. Just wish there were more Mike Kent’s.


I laughed with horror reading this. Constant pop-ins and recruiting children as spies - priceless! How do they get away with it?
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