Thursday, October 14, 2010


The Baked Bean Factory

I do the odd bit of lecturing at a Teacher Training College and the Assistant Lecturers were summoned to the annual briefing. O... M... G...

Naturally the event was in an airless lecture hall where nary any beams of light from outside were able to penetrate, welcome to the bunker.

I'll have to admit that as soon as the PowerPoint flickered onto the screen the brain synpases were closing down, narcolepsy, catatonia.

What can I remember? Only certain words remain - 'Audit... review... performance... target... customer... tracking... assessment... feedback... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.'

This really was the 'input-output' model of management.

Two thoughts -

1) If you had substituted the word 'student' the lecture could have been delivered by the managing director of a baked bean factory.

2) Was it in Terminator 3 that the cyborgs took over?


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